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Therapy Goats

Some of our goats are therapy goats which we take to local schools and nursing facilities to visit with students and patients. 

Goats are probably the most interesting residents of the barnyard.  I often get calls, texts, and messages from family, friends, and lots of Facebook acquaintances, asking about visiting the farm.  I started keeping lawn chairs in the barn and set them right out in the goat pen when company is expected. I've discovered that I'm not the only one who can't get enough of these delightful, little companions. 

Having Georgia as a house guest and traveling buddy, I quickly saw that people really wanted to be around her.  She makes them feel good. Folks I'd never think would want to sit and hold a goat.... would ask about her. The folks at the farm center would ask where she was if I didn't take her with me shopping. What's more, these folks seemed to just feel better after being around Georgia. 

It gave me an idea and after reading up on it, I decided to offer goat therapy to my local community. To date, Georgia has visited five elementary classes and two nursing homes. She and I also taught a class on goats at Kids College last summer. She's become famous! Folks just want to pet her or hold her.  Most of the children have never been around any barnyard animal--much less a friendly goat, and the elderly folks often smile and tell me stories of their childhoods when they had goats. Georgia loves the attention and affection and she always leaves her audience feeling good.

Now, let's be clear...not all goats want to be petted--or even touched! Luckily, you can see pretty quickly when they're young, which ones will be good companions. Our therapy goats now include Rose, Shirley, Betty, Lucy, Georgia, Annie and Irene. If you're considering purchasing one of our goats and are looking for a therapy goat, please let me know. I'll thus be better able to help match you with the perfect companion. 

If you'd like to have one or more of our therapy goats visit your facility, club or group, please contact me.  We do not charge a fee for visits. If I can fit it in my schedule, we'll gladly come for show and tell.  

                                                                                                                         -- Cindy

We love to visit elementary classes for show-and-tell.   Click on the photo for our Facebook page.

We love to visit elementary classes for show-and-tell.   Click on the photo for our Facebook page.