Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale - Dalton, Arkansas

The Bucks

Reuben Rice


One of our first registered babies born on the farm, Reuben is named for an ancestor who settled in this community over 200 years ago. He's a fantastic young buck. Gentle, yet very determined and knows what his job is.  Blue eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB: February 2, 2017

Sire:  Critter Grove Ernesto

Dam:  Ark Acres Rose Looney

Cedar View Colin *B


From the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains and one of the top breeders in the country, we're happy to have Colin at Old Toney Farm. If you're interested in show-quality goats and linear appraisal, take a look at his sire and dam links below. 


DOB February 17, 2017

 Sire: CH Cedar View Constantino +*B 

Dam: SG Little Tot's Estate Syeira 4*M 

Our Herd

Critter Grove Fair Haven


Named as a doeling by her first family, Haven is the quiet queen of our herd. She was our first registered female, prefers to lay on the porch or near my chair if I'm outside and is very much loved. Blue eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB August 26, 2015 (Therapy Goat)

Sire:  Prairie Wood CG's Caesar

Dam:  Critter Grove Gambler's Harbor

ARK Acres Rose Looney


Always ready for a visit, Rose is named for a beloved lady who lived her early years as a slave. Following Emancipation, she spent the rest of her long life nearby. Blue eyes. Triple registered. Rose's pedigree includes Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble (SSS) and Prairie Wood CGM Elektra Jazz (SSD). She is one of the prettiest of our does.


DOB March 24, 2016 (Therapy Goat)

Sire:  ARK Acres Dipstick

Dam:  Harmony Creek Foxfire

Critter Grove Maryann Upshaw


Named for our great grandmother who lived nearby, Maryann is a twin to Fancy Dora. Her coat is Swiss marked and she is reserved and quiet. Blue eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB July 30, 2016

Sire:  Flat Rock's CashNCarry

Dam:  Critter Grove Gambler's Harbor

Critter Grove Fancy Dora


A gorgeous Chamoisee, Dora is a bit aloof, yet curious if you're sitting in her pen. She is named for a neighbor lady who found herself married to a local farmer after her mother told the man she had five girls and he could have his pick.  Blue eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB July 30, 2016

Sire:  Flat Rock's CashNCarry

Dam:  Critter Grove Gambler's Harbor

Flanary Keepsake Shirley Chester


Shirley, one of our biggest personalities and sweetest girls, is named for a wonderful late friend, mentor, and World War II WAVES veteran.  Brown eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB April 6, 2017 (Therapy Goat)

Sire Keepsake Kids Kentucky Knight

Dam Keepsake Kids Scandal

Flanary Keepsake Josie Quick


A quiet, little lady, Josie is named for a great aunt who lived in our community a century ago.  Polled, Brown eyes. Triple registered. 


DOB April 13, 2017

Sire Keepsake Kids Kentucky Knight

Dam Keepsake Kids Paisley I Am

ARK Acres Isabella Bryan


Izzy has the most beautiful eyes and a gorgeous brown coat. She is quiet, but loves to be petted. She is named for a Civil War era ancestor of ours. 

Golden Brown eyes. Triple registered. Her pedigree includes Prairie Wood CG's Vegas Gamble (SSS), Prairie Wood CGM Elektra Jazz (SSD), Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak (DSS), and MCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga (DDS).


DOB April 2, 2017

Sire ARK Acres Dipstick

Dam Tyny Swiss Miss

Suzie Toney


Suzie is named for our late great grandmother, Suzie (Kizer) Toney. She was born near Dalton and lived on this farm most of her married life. Suzie has brown eyes and was Josie's first baby, a single.  She is polled.  D1978088P    DOB 3/19/2018, Dam Josie Quick,  Sire Cedar View Colin *B

Old Toney Farm Lady Jane


A pretty little buckskin twin from 2017, Jane is very loving and enjoys a good cuddle on your lap. She is named for a  woman who, though born a slave, lived with her large family in our community following Emancipation.  Blue eyes, ADGA registered.  D001905737 , DOB September 23, 2017

Sire Critter Grove Ernesto       Dam Critter Grove Maryann Upshaw

Birdie Kizer


Birdie is one of our Kentucky girls. She's small, quiet and shy.  Named for a tragic local figure from the early 20th Century.  Good sire's pedigree. Blue eyes.  Her first freshening was in Spring 2019. She delivered twins and had a great udder.   D1978094 , DOB 3/27/2018

Dam Flanary Keepsake Prue

Sire Double Durango Georgio Boy

Cedar View Orsola "Soula"


The eldest of our three Tennessee girls, Soula is a lovely Chamoisee and has a champion pedigree.  Her DSD is Cedar View Isabella and her sire's dam is Cedar View Fiorina.  Both are listed in the ADGA Registered Elite Doe List released in December of 2018.    

DOB November 18, 2017

ADGA Registered D1946909

Cedar View Gigette "Gigi"


Long and willowy like a beautiful deer, Gigi is a brown Chamoisee.  Champions in her pedigree.  

DOB May 22, 2018

ADGA Registered D1951186

Cedar View Hope


A beautifully solid doe, Hope is black with frosted ears and muzzle and has a few other white dottings. Excellent pedigree! 

 Her sire is Little Tots Estate Bambino

DOB May 23, 2018

ADGA Registered D1970378P