Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale - Dalton, Arkansas

Our 2019 Fall Babies will arrive late August and September.

L14 Buckling (Sale Pending)


This buckling has a beautiful coat of many colors. From a set of triplets born to Fair Haven and sired by Stubblefield, he has blue eyes and trots around like he’s already half grown!  b.  May 6, 2019.   $200 (sale pending)

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Goats always do better with a buddy. Any goat may be reserved with a $100 deposit.  We will not wether bucklings prior to three months of age. Most babies will be available at two months or when weaned. Some exceptions may occur where we will sell bottle babies, but we prefer to let them stay with their mommas for two months. We reserve the right to cancel any sale prior to the sale date (any deposit will be refunded). 

Old Toney Farm

Dalton, Arkansas, United States

(870) 378-3226 (we prefer a text as an initial contact method)